Project Delivery - My Approach

No two companies face exactly the same challenges. I provide independent, original problem-solving support, tailoring the approach to each client's needs, goals, culture, and circumstances.

But while I insist on custom solutions, I follow a consistent approach to working with clients; the key elements of my product development consultancy strategy are outlined below:

  • Understand Client's Commercial needs and constraints
  • Develop precise Functional Specifications
  • Design in Manufacturability - Design out Risk
  • Ensure excellent documentation is provided
  • Always aware of key issues - Time to Market and Product Cost
  • Work in Partnership with clients

Key Criteria for Successful Electronic Product Development

Having a thorough understanding of the electronics industry and the factors that determine success, I place strong emphasis on:

  • Project Delivery: Ensuring projects are managed professionally to accomplish on time and on budget delivery.
  • "Right first time" design - reducing risk, project costs and time to market.
  • Keeping up to date with leading edge technologies - so helping the client stay ahead of their competitors.
  • Design for Manufacture: Manufacturing awareness - aim to provide "production ready" designs, with less need for costly re-design for production engineering.
  • Controlling Costs: Minimising and controlling product costs - cost saved on the BOM goes straight to your bottom line.
  • Vendor Selection: Selecting the right manufacturing partner to meet the client's requirements - using the wrong manufacturer can be very expensive.
  • Documentation: Providing excellent documentation for specifications, manufacture and support activities - gives the best quality results in production and guarantees customer satisfaction.
  • Being a partner in the design and manufacturing process and striving for win-win business relationships with clients and other stakeholders.
Project management for advanced software engineering projects for embedded systems including DVB, DVB-S2 and systems integration for satellite TV deployments

Benefits of an external Consultant

  • Able to take a high level perspective and objective view, which is free from the political issues that often beset management in larger organisations
  • When projects are delayed by staff shortages, a consultant can reduce development time.
  • A consultant's experience often means a minimal learning curve without the delays, costs or long term risks of recruiting extra staff.
  • Minimal overhead and non productive costs with a consultant - client only pays for the time worked on the project.
  • Generally, a consultant provides own office space, equipment and support services.
  • Design costs are controlled to minimise hidden surprises.